Fair Trade was established in June 2000 in Northwest England

It started with the Fairtrade Village movement in Garstang, a small market town in Lancashire.



Fair Trade Seoul started Fair Trade Village for the first time

I met Mr. Bruce from the Gas tank in England.


In Lancaster, England, where most of the oldest African slaves were imported

Founder of Fair Trade Town in a church filled with mahogany tropical forest furniture

I signed a fair trade agreement with Mr. Bruce.


The UK gas tank has entered into an agreement with Fair Trade Seoul,

We are promoting sales and joint projects in Korea.

"It is simply immoral that people should be allowed to suffer in order to provide us with luxuries such as tea, coffee & chocolate (sugar) at a cheep price."

[Fair Trade Townsand The FIG Tree at St. John’s]

The UK Five Goals


1. .Council passes a Resolution supporting fair trade and agreeing to procure fair trade products 

2. A range of fair trade products are readily available in the area's shops & catering establishments 

3. Fair trade products are used by a number of work places & community organisations 

4. Attact media coverage & popular support for the campaign 

5. A local Fair Trade steering group is convened to ensure commitment to Fair Trade Town status 

                                                            (www.fairtradecentre.org 참조)


Moving from fairtrade to fair trade


1. The Garstang campaign focused on the FAIRTRADE MARK

2. The international movement developed to include a wider range of Fair Trade products 

3. 'Fairtrade Towns' became 'Fair Trade Towns' in the purpose of becoming  more inclusive 

4. The "Big Tent" model in the US also used in Australia and New Zealand, Spain, France, Japan, Poland, Czech Republic and Switzerland 

5. Now spreading to the Global South