There is a trade called "fair trade" called fair trade.

By purchasing products made in developing countries at an affordable price

It is a good trade that helps the independence of people with low price bargaining power.

Fair trade not only helps people with weakness, but also affects our lives soon.


'This is fair trade!'

▶ Trading at Fair Prices

- Pay reasonable prices to producers in developing countries.

- Do long-term transactions to ensure continuous production through stable imports.

- Pay the production cost first so that the next production is possible without economic difficulties such as debt.

- Eliminate unfair trade with suppliers who do not consider the life of the producer.


▶ Traders who make producers strong

- Organize producers to form a union and lay the foundations for trading and cooperation.

- Communicate what the consumer wants and teach the necessary skills.

- Cultivate talented people who will be necessary leaders to activate the region.

- Pay premium (premium) in addition to trading value, and use it to expand common facilities and facilities for producer groups.


▶ Environment-friendly trade

- Stop the mass use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and change to a production method that considers the environment such as organic farming.

- Draw the diversification of production items so that they are not overly dependent on specific crops.


▶ Trade to protect human rights

- We aim for gender equality and do not recognize the discrimination of people who are in the position of the weak.

- improve the harsh working environment and, in particular, protect children's rights by eliminating child labor that interferes with educational opportunities.

This will change when you trade a pair

A. Buying goods by being attracted to cheap prices -> Choosing products by thinking about who makes them: Wise consumers

Consumers who have been attracted to the charm of low prices will be able to choose products considering the producers and environment.


B. Producer share is too small -> Do producer-friendly transactions: Consideration for producers

Producer can get proper profit by trading with fair trade group which considered cost and producer life.


C. Producers bear the risk of the market -> Share the risk of the market: Equitable risk

Participating producers have been overcrowding risks due to market fluctuations, but the risk is mitigated by dealing directly with Fair Trade organizations.


D. It is not possible to help each other because they are not organized -> Create cooperatives and join forces:

By cooperating and cooperating within the region, producers can help each other and share technology and information.


E. Without debt, the next production is not possible -> You can get the prepayment required for production: prepayment of the production cost

As the need arises, the money for the next production is paid in advance by the fair trade organization, so the producer does not have to pay any debts.


F. poor working environment or discrimination -> improvement of women's status and working environment: improvement of women's status

We strive to eliminate and improve discrimination in the working environment, and in particular women, by improving their status by earning income for labor, we regain their dignity.


G. Children are deprived of opportunities for education -> Children can attend school: eliminating child labor

Children who are an important labor force to support households will be free from child labor due to the stability of their income and will be able to attend school.


H. Do a great deal of burdens on the environment -> Consider the environment and make sustainable production: environmental consideration

The cultivation of single crops devoted to pesticides and chemical fertilizers, which were used for mass production, disappears and becomes environmentally friendly sustainable production.


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What you can do today

■ See information on fair trade on books and websites.

■ Go to fair trade shops and try shopping.

■ We change daily drinking coffee to fair trade goods.

■ Present fair trade items to friends.