There is a trade called "fair trade".

It is called fair trade.

By purchasing products made in developing countries at an affordable price

It is a good trade that helps the independence of people with low price bargaining power.

Fair trade is not only helping the weak, but it also makes our lives richer.



'To live is to choose'


/ An unfair trade structure behind low prices


Coffee, tea, miscellaneous goods and medical supplies. Our living space is overflowing with things made in developing countries such as Asia, Africa, Central and South America. These have come from far away, using a lot of labor, and they sell surprisingly cheaply.


 The cheapest thing for us should be welcomed, but if the cheapness is built on the sacrifice of the creator ...

Developing countries, where agricultural products are a major export product, are framed in an unfair trade structure, such as overestimating the risks of fluctuations in the market and lowering the price to an unreasonably low price in developed countries.


 In addition, producers in developing countries do not have their own sales channels or market information. That's why most of the cases can only be done by the intermediate vendor, even if the production cost is greatly reduced.

As a result, they can not escape from poverty at work, and children are seen as important laborers and can not go to school.


/ Fair trade to restore life stability and dignity


 It is the fair trade that the flow of such a transaction is renewed and aiming at the equal trade in the developing country and the advanced country people.

Fair trade groups directly deal with producers without intervening intermediaries who do not look back on the lives of producers.

Considering the production cost, the maker pays the right price to keep the life, and it makes the job opportunity to the person who does not work.


 Production according to need

We support self-reliance.

In this way, it is possible to restore the dignity of women who are discriminated against in the local area or at home and who are in the position of the weak,


/ "Picking" is a great force to change the world.


 Please get Fair Trade products once. Design, quality, hand-made feelings, and manufacturing methods that value the environment and tradition will be worthy of many things.


 In addition, the product is worth one more, can not change.

 The fair trade products that we live in, producers have such a value that it is possible to earn income, send children to school, or support the family life with their own hands.


 We are conscious of the everyday nonsense of "buying things" and turning it into fair trade leads to the pleasure of the producers and the hope of the future.


 If we expand and expand the opportunity to choose Fair Trade products, it will be a great force to change this world.


 When drinking a cup of coffee, when you put your arms in a blouse sleeve, imagine the connection with the person making it. It is also attractive to pair trade only to be able to build such a relationship. Why do not you stop by Fair Trade to find something you like?


Fair Trade = fair trade


  Fair Trade is a trade partnership aimed at international trade under more equitable terms, based on dialogue, transparency and respect.

In particular, fair trade is contributing to sustainable development by providing better trade conditions and keeping their rights to producers and workers in the position of "the south".


· Not exploited -> Link to local people's independence

· Considering the environment -> Good for health, no damage to pesticides

· No child labor -> Opportunity to receive education

· Ongoing transactions



This is fair trade!


▶ Trading at Fair Prices

- pay the producers in the developing countries the right price for the cost

- make long-term transactions to produce stable income

- Pay the cost of production first so that the next production is possible without debt

- Eliminate transactions with unfair traders who do not consider the life of the producer


▶ Traders who make producers strong

- Organize producers to form a union and lay the foundation for trading and cooperation

- communicate what the consumer wants and make the necessary technical guidance

- Raise talent to become leaders necessary to revitalize the region.

- In addition to the purchase price, you pay a premium (premium) and discuss with the producer group

  It is used to expand public facilities and facilities to make the area


▶ Environment-friendly trade

- Stop the mass use of pesticides and chemical fertilizers and change to a production method that considers the environment such as organic farming

- Draw the diversification of production items so that they are not overly dependent on specific crops


▶ Trade to protect human rights

- We aim for equality between men and women, and do not recognize the discrimination of those who are in the position of the weak

- To improve the harsh working environment and to protect children's rights by eliminating child labor, in particular, interfering with educational opportunities

This will change when you trade a pair


A. We buy goods by being pulled up at cheap price -> We think that person making is choosing product: [consumer choosing]

Consumers who are attracted to the charm of affordability,

The producer and the environment also change, and the way of choosing a product changes.


B. Producer share is too small -> Do producer-friendly transactions: Transactions of producer care

We are dealing with fair trade groups that consider cost and producer life.

Producer can get the right profit.


C. Producers bear the risk of the market -> Share the risk of the market: Equitable risk

Participating producers were over-risking due to market fluctuations,

Risk is reduced by trading directly with fair trade groups.


D. It is impossible to help each other because they are not organized -> Cooperatives make it difficult to cooperate:

As the producer cooperates and cooperates in the region,

They will be able to help each other and share skills and information.


E. Without debt, the next production is not possible -> You can get the prepayment required for production: prepayment of the production cost

If necessary, money for the next production will be paid in advance by the fair trade organization.

Producers do not have to pay debts.


F. poor working environment or discrimination -> improvement of women's status and working environment: improvement of women's status

We cope with elimination of labor environment improvement and discrimination,

Particularly in the case of women, their status is improved by working and earning income and regaining their dignity.


G. Children are deprived of opportunities for education -> Children can attend school: eliminating child labor

A child who is an important labor force supporting the household,

As income stabilizes, children are free from labor and can attend school.


H. Do a great deal of burdens on the environment -> Consider the environment and make sustainable production: environmental consideration

The use of large amounts of pesticides and fertilizers, which focus on productivity, and the growth of biased single crops disappear,

It changes into environmentally conscious sustainable production.

※ We can do from today


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